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30 years of experience in show business
all over the world - Fantasios


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never stop seeing,
perhaps this is why we dream !

The art of conjury, of enchantment and of tricks has its roots in very remote epochs and goes back even to ancient myths and legends, when it consists of ability and adroitness.

FANTASIOS SHOW is the new original but also ambitious Show conceived by Alfonso Paganetti, whose stage-name is FANTASIOS. When it was performed in December, it was immediately sold out, and - for emphasizing the excellent professional work and high level of the show - the newspapers gave excellent critics. This has stimulated the conjurer of Switzerland to improve and to renew nearly completely the Show. New conjuring tricks, a modern and young look, beautiful and elegant show assistants, performance numbers of great effect like the one with the lady run through with a sword, all this makes the spectators hold their breath. During this symphony of music, lights and colors - thanks to the extraordinary light effects purposely studied and to the enchanting music sounds - the audience is carried away in a magic atmosphere.
FANTASIOS SHOW, under the direction of an experienced staff, is a performance worthy of great European and international variety theatres. It is a completely new Show, which carries you along in a whirling of lights, colors, rhythm, music and grand magic. Emotion and entertainment are ensured for any age.

It is no wonder that in 30 years of work Fantasios archives his outstanding reputation in the international show business, exhibiting oneself, among other places, for various months at Broadway, at the famouses Revues of Europe.